Are you a GPAA member?

Have you satisfied the CRITERIA?

Take a look at the criteria that makes u a member.

(a) Licensed practitioner by MDC
(b) Dues paying practitioner (private or government employed)
(c) Registered with the NATIONAL DATA BASE


1. NEC is able to validate and compile statistical data of it’s members for future negotiations.

2. Lawyers of GPAA provide legal support to registered members in case of professional victimization.

3. A registered member can stand for National office in a vacant position as advertised.

4. Enjoy GPAA welfare ; funeral, scholarship, promotion, financial support in case of accident, incapacitating, etc.

4. Issuance of Professional ID Card.

5. Connect with colleagues in other regions in case of travel, referral, transfers, locum, contacts. Send text or WhatsApp to GPAA IT TEAM and you shall be linked to a colleague. This is called PEER NETWORKING.

6. Benefit from  Subsidized Regional CPD’s for carrier development.

7. In the area of Job prospects, registered members are assisted by the National Secretariat for placements.

6. Receive GPAA UPDATES on your phone.

7. Track pensioneers and provide routine support .

NB: It is not enough to be a dues paying member.

Click on the link below to fill the forms. This should take few minutes.

For the elderly who are not Internet friendly, call or text the National Ag. PRO on 0246813414 or the IT HEAD on 0244976360 for assistance.

ISSUED BY: National Ag. PRO
                      Aminu A. Mohammed